Monday, April 27, 2009

Your Photos Just Found the Perfect Home - A Hardbound, Custom 8x8 Storybook

You know you have them...We all do!

Stacks of photos, lurking in the closets.

Memory Cards filled to the max or lots of photo-filled CD's.

We take photos to capture moments - to preserve memories.

But in the stacks or on CD's they aren't remembered or shared - and they will fade in time.

"Photos without stories are memories LOST."

- Sharon Murdoch

Now, all of your photos can find a home where they are PRESERVED, REMEMBERED and SHARED - a CUSTOM 8X8 hardbound Storybook!

Right now, my most popular product - the 8x8 hardbound storybook is ON SALE - NOW - THURSDAY ONLY!!!

Like with all Heritage Makers products, with a 8x8 hardbound Storybook, you can:

- Create and publish your very own CUSTOM Storybook

- Do it all ONLINE - in your very own, secure Heritage Studio

- Use a pre-designed template or create your own layout

- Order as many COPIES as you need

- Save and secure your photos and projects in your online account - and access from ANY computer

- Enjoy an archival-quality, hardbound book with YOUR photos and stories for YEARS to come

- Give a MEANINGFUL GIFT that will be treasured forever - and keep a copy for yourself too!

Usually, $49.95 each...these very popular books are ON SALE for ONLY $39.95! (Save $10!!)

Pre-order your custom book at this LOW price, then you have the ENTIRE year to redeem your pre-purchased publishing credit!

Think of ALL of the reasons to preserve and share photos in an 8x8 Storybook!

Here are previews of some 8x8 Storybook pre-designed TEMPLATES that are ready to go - just add your own photos and text and edit the design too, if you wish.

CLICK on the THEME below to see PREVIEW of 8x8 Storybook template.

Please let me know what types of books you are interested in doing with your own photos and text. Templates are NOT needed- you can design your own too.

Vacation - Disney (other templates also available)


Baby - Neutral (Girl and Boy Specific also available)

Father's Day - "Then I Became Your Dad"
(More Father's Day themes also available)

Tribute to Child
- Makes every child feel EXTRA special!

Expecting - Pregnancy

Zoo Trip - Finally! Something to do with all of those Zoo pics!

Soccer (Other Sports themes also available. It's that time of year!)

Army (Other branches of Armed Forces also available)

"We Love You Grandpa" - A GREAT book for anyone! Super Father's Day gift!

Rodeo Queen/Cowgirl (Cowboy theme also available)

Baseball (Other Sports themes also available)


Baby/Young Boy - clean and classy!

Girl/Feminine - love this!


Anything You Want - the layout is already done for you

Don't see what you need? I can get it for you or you can create your own design.

How Heritage Makers works with your VERY OWN online personal publishing system - HERITAGE STUDIO!

Don't have a Heritage Studio account yet???
To set up a FREE account, go to my website: and click on "Sign Up For Free".


CLICK HERE to watch a short video to see how it works.

Please contact me to place your order before 9 PM THURSDAY, April 30!

You have an entire year to create and publish your storybooks but you can get the GREAT LOW PRICE NOW!

This sale is NOT available online. Please contact me directly.

Happy Storybooking!

- Chris

Monday, April 6, 2009

HOORAY! My April ONLINE Workshops are HERE!


I had such a GREAT response to my March ONLINE Workshops - Many THANKS to those of you who attended!

If you missed out in March - or even if you attended - you DEFINITELY want to RESERVE YOUR SPACE for my April Online Workshops!

They are going to be PACKED with GREAT IDEAS - EASY! FUN! AFFORDABLE! MEANINGFUL! for Mother's Day, Father's Day and for other special events and special PEOPLE in your life!

There will be...

LOTS of NEW tips, tools and ideas!

LIVE demonstration of how Heritage Studio works!

EVERYONE who attends is going to receive FREE templates that are NOT in the Template Gallery!

EVERYONE who attends is entered in a drawing for a FREE 8X8 STORYBOOK!


So, stay in those pajamas, get your favorite treat and a few photos to have on hand and get ready to have FUN - right from the comfort of your home and computer!

APRIL DATES FOR ONLINE WORKSHOPS - Click on the date to RSVP - Hurry! Space is LIMITED!

Tuesday, April 7 - 9 AM Pacific, 10 AM Mountain, 11 AM Central, 12 Noon Eastern (presented by me)

Thursday, April 9 - 6 PM Pacific, 7 PM Mountain, 8 PM Central, 9 PM Eastern
(presented by me)

Thursday, April 16 - 6 PM Pacific, 7 PM Mountain, 8 PM Central, 9 PM Eastern
(presented by Lisa Nelson)

Tuesday, April 21 - 10 AM Pacific, 11 AM Mountain, 12 Noon Central, 1 PM Eastern
(presented by Lisa Nelson)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Publishing Deadline for Storybook for Mother's Day is APRIL 20 - I recommend April 17. If you would like an idea for Mother's Day and time to create your project, please be sure to attend a Workshop on April 7th or 9th.