Thursday, February 18, 2010

Leaving a Legacy - Eyes to See

Robin Foster-McClure is an amazing woman, whom I have the privilege to work with as a consultant on my team and she is a dear friend. Robin works in a Family History Center and is dedicated to helping families discover connections and bridge generations together. About Heritage Makers, Robin says, "Heritage Makers has changed my life and that of my family."

To talk with Robin, share in her positive attitude and "never give up" spirit and to see her beautiful designs and pages, you would never know that she is legally blind. I still have to remind myself. And then, when I do, her story and her projects inspire me even more.

Robin, THANK YOU for sharing your latest storybook - your life's testimony to your posterity.

Here is Robin's story and a preview of her Storybook:

Eyes to See

The legacy I want to leave my posterity is the ability to endure and overcome obstacles using eyes that really can see. They will know that I am not speaking of seeing physically, but seeing whatever picture they paint on the canvas of life with their mind's eye....and holding fast to it. The struggle is not outward but inward.

There are so many reasons for people in the world to let challenges get them off the path. We have so much in the world of natural disaster and suffering which result from the actions of others. I think now is the time to remind ourselves that we still live in a time where we can choose whether or not we will be defeated or whether we will pull up our boot straps and trudge forward.

The first step to overcoming obstacles comes in how we choose to react to them. We can allow our vision to be clouded by becoming angry, hurt, or offended---or we can exercise our freedom to choose the good consequences of not becoming distracted or swept away by the winds of adversity. We will then find avenues to creatively adapt to situations we would otherwise deem hopeless.

My book is about seeing past the distractions and holding fast to the clear mental picture we have which may not yet be physically manifest in our lives. When all about us the walls are crumbling, we can look forward with faith. All we need are eyes to see, and remember.

I am so happy to be able to have put in a book, what I think is the greatest challenge of not let go of those things we have seen.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

From Computer to CANVAS

I used to have bare, boring, ugly walls. Sure, I added the HGTV-recommended "paint on the walls" but still...bare and boring.

I spent years (yes, years), looking for the perfect piece of art to invest in - or at least something that I could put on the wall that I would love day after day.

The walls stayed bare.

But NOW, my walls have made my house a home and I LOVE the artwork!

I use Heritage Studio to make CUSTOM CANVAS PRINTS (gallery-wrapped) with my favorite photos! (I love to give them as gifts too!)

Every room has a beautiful canvas print - or two or three - that celebrate what matters most - FAMILY!
Thinking..."Too hard to make!" or "Can't afford it?"
Think AGAIN!

Check out this quick clip about how EASY and AFFORDABLE custom canvas prints are with Heritage Studio:


Ready to get started? Contact me and I'll give you a super discount too!
- Chris