Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Gift He Will Treasure EVERY DAY...For YEARS to Come!

What did you give your dad, husband and/or grandfather in your life for Father's Day last year? Do you remember? Does he remember? Does he still use it or wear it?

Well, I know several men who don't let their emotions show through much, but when they receive a Heritage Makers Storybook with THEIR own photos, memories and stories - it is often through teary eyes that they say:

"This is the best gift I have EVER received."

And they read it over and over again and are inspired by it year after year.

Now, you can create and publish a CUSTOM Storybook for every special man on your list for Father's Day!


Our popular 7x5 Storybook is ON SALE at the LOWEST PRICE EVER, it comes with a CUSTOM card too!

You just drop in YOUR own photos and text!

ONLY $29.95!

This is an unbelievable price for a CUSTOM hardbound storybook and card!

(Offer expires: May 25, 2009)

Regular price for this package: $42

You can create your own design or use one of the pre-designed templates to make it even easier and quickly create gifts that will truly be treasured!

Create your custom storybook and card right on your own computer!


SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER: Give/Email me the number of photos for the template(s) you want and email or call me with any custom text/story and I will create your project for you - at NO additional cost! (Offer ends May 26, 2009).

Many pre-designed templates to choose from: (click on the title to preview entire storybook) IMPORTANT: Text can be changed to create book for grandfather, etc.

Made from the Heart
(Storybook by Luana Darby, Heritage Maker of the Month)
(Premier Membership)
35-47 photos needed
Text can be changed

Before My Dad Was Bigger
(Basic Membership)
30-52 photos needed
Text can be changed to fit specific interests, messages, etc.

Family Time
(Basic Membership)
25-31 photos needed
Text can be changed

Hues of Blue
(Basic Membership)
About 24 photos needed
Text can be added

Simple Sands
(Basic Membership)
23 - 35 photos needed
Text can be added

Sea Scape
(Basic Membership)
25-30 photos needed
Text can be added

I Love You Because
(Premier Membership)
about 42 photos needed
Text can be changed/added

Homespun Hero
(Premier Membership)
about 37 photos needed
Text can be changed/added

10 Things We Love About Dad
(Premier Membership)
about 40 photos needed
Text can be changed/added

Scrappy Dad
(Premier Membership)
45-60 photos needed
Text can be changed/added

Other themes available
for camping, baby, vacation, wedding and more! (You can still get the GREAT deal, even if it's not a Father's Day book!)

Premier Membership - FREE month for all NEW clients! ($24.95 value!)

Club Premier Membership ENDS May 31, 2009! Have Premier Membership - UNLIMITED creativity, UNLIMITED photo storage ALL YEAR LONG! Only $99.95! (Save 65%!!!

Need More Space for Photos and/or the Story?

No problem!

The larger 7.5x10 Storybook is ON SALE TOO!

Get a 7.5x10 Storybook and a custom greeting card for ONLY $45.95!

Regular price for this package: $62
Sale price ends May 25, 2009

Here are two of the pre-designed templates available - you may also choose from life story, vacation, wedding, etc. themes.

OR create your own layout with photos, quotes and story.

Military Man
(Premier Membership)
50 or more photos
Text can be added - plenty of room for story

(Basic Membership)
72 photos (amount can be edited)
Lots of text space - can be edited
Great for any collection of photos and special memories - children, grandchildren, growing up, vacations, hobbies, etc.

What My Dad Does
(Premier Membership)
47 photos (amount can be altered)
Text can be added or changed

Heritage Makers storybooks are archival quality that make incredible tributes or lasting memories for all of the special moments in your life - and your heritage.
Give a gift that he will truly TREASURE this Father's Day - a gift of heritage and a way to say "Thank you" for being who he is.
Questions? I am happy to help you find just the right fit to preserve your photos and stories.

Ready to place your order? Please contact me directly.

1.801.310.7504 or

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Father's Day Storybooks need to be submitted to publish by June 1, 2009 to ship via Ground for Father's Day delivery.

- Chris

Saturday, May 9, 2009

No More Mugs or Ties! This is Something You KNOW He Will LOVE!

The men in our lives may not say it in so many words but they do love meaningful gifts. Put the photos of their life into a great keepsake and he will jump for joy - even if it's only on the inside!

Here are some great Father's Day ideas for all of the men in your life! Just add your own photos and stories. Pre-designed templates are available or create your own design!

Under $10

12x12 Pages

- Make a photo cube for the shop or office

- Individual pages are GREAT for framing!

Pre-designed templates available - just add your own photos! EASY!

CLICK HERE to preview a template - there are several available. Or you can design your own page!

12x18 Poster

Great for framing or give "as is" - he will love it! Make one for everyone!

My dad LOVES the posters I created for him with collages of each of his grandchildren. Now, his grandkids are always there for a visit - even across the miles.

CLICK HERE to see a preview of a template - just add your own photos! Or design your own!

Under $20

Custom Softbound book

Create your own design or use a pre-designed template!

Check out a few of the templates available for super ideas:

Car log - Every car/truck has a story and this is PRACTICAL too!

CLICK HERE for preview of custom vehicle maintenance/log book

Cookbook - Fire up the grill or the favorite ingredients and put his famous recipes - and even the stories that go with them - in a custom cookbook!

CLICK HERE for preview of custom cookbook (several templates available).

Custom Playing Cards - A Definite Favorite Item!

He will LOVE the images of family, vacations, hunting trips or favorite memories around whenever he plays cards. Create your own game or design or use one of the many pre-designed templates. LOTS of games available!

to preview one of the templates available - or you can create your own design.


Put a softbound book with a deck of custom playing cards and get BIGGER SAVINGS!

Purchase a softbound book credit AND a deck of playing cards credit for ONLY $34.95! (Save $15!) Limit 3.

18x24 Poster

Any wall will look better with these an amazing poster of wonderful memories!

Just add your own photos to an editable template or create your own design. A large custom poster at this price is a great gift and a TREAT to your budget!

CLICK HERE for a preview of a template you can add your own photos too or edit however you wish. Several templates are available - or start with a blank project and design your own!

Under $30

5x5 Storybook

Perfect for bragging!

The 5x5 hardbound Storybook can be customized from cover to cover or choose from SEVERAL pre-designed templates. So easy to add your photos and stories, quotes - whatever you wish! - and make a hardbound book that he will love!

CLICK HERE for preview of pre-designed template. There are several available - or design your own book however you wish!

Custom Calendar

Now he will always have a great reminder of those special dates throughout the year. You can create this calendar to start from any month of the year! It's a great and functional way to preserve and showcase favorite people and memories too!

CLICK HERE for a preview of a calendar template. There are several available - or design your own calendar however you wish!

Under $50
7x5 Custom Hardbound Storybook

Need a little more space than the 5x5 size? This Storybook is perfect! Just right for putting on the office desk or on the shelf - when it's not being held in his hands that is! He is going to love it!

to preview a 7x5 Storybook template idea. Several templates are available or design your own custom book.

8x8 Custom Hardbound Storybook

Put his life into STORY and create a custom Storybook for a special man in your life. Great for sharing photos and the stories that go with them. This size is also great for a way to preserve and share special moments of being a dad.

Here is James' Father's Day gift...shhhhh...don't tell! :) CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW.

CLICK HERE to preview a Life Story template - several templates available or design your own book.

Story Maps are available online for FREE to help you write the story, if needed.

Under $100
The following custom, hardbound storybook sizes make a beautiful addition to any coffee table or room. More photos or story to share? These larger sizes are the perfect choice.

7.5x10 Custom Hardbound Storybook - CLICK HERE for preview of one of the templates available - or create your own design.

11.5x8.5 Custom Hardbound Storybook - CLICK HERE for preview of one of the templates available - or create your own design. You can even preserve and showcase time in the MILITARY or ANYTHING YOU WISH.

12x12 Custom Hardbound Storybook - A big, beautiful way to capture and share VACATION memories, WEDDING photos or anything you wish! You can edit the templates or create your own design.

Under $125
13x11 Custom Hardbound Storybook with Custom dust cover, black leather cover

This is our premier storybook and it is a timeless fit for special milestones, life's most precious people and events or family history treasure.

for a preview of one of the beautiful templates about FAMILY.

Whatever your choice is, he will LOVE the meaningful gift that captures life's precious moments, with Heritage Makers.


Create a special gift for all of the men on your list - husbands, dads, grandpas, uncles and MORE! Purchase a package of credits for the same type of project and SAVE BIG! Credits are good for an entire year!

Please contact me to place your order. These savings and some of the templates are NOT available online.

Father's Day publishing deadline is June 1, 2009.

Questions? Ready to get started?

Contact me today - I look forward to hearing from you!

- Chris

Friday, May 1, 2009

It's An A-MAY-zing MAY! Check this out!

Wow! Great things have been announced with super savings and solutions for YOUR photos and stories!

Take a look!

WONDERFUL WEDDING - Heritage Makers Style!

Whether you have an upcoming Wedding Day that you want to make extra-meaningful or you have wedding photos to preserve and share (it's never too late!) - CHOOSE a package that's just right for YOU!

STUNNING and NEW Wedding Templates and Platinum Package - CLICK HERE

Smaller Wedding package also available! (see below)


May's "Pick of the Month" SALE is perfect for YOUR Family Reunion! It is perfect for getting all of those favorite family recipes together and playing cards together with your own custom design!

SAVE $15!
I have GREAT SAVINGS for you on any product packages too! What's your story and let's find the perfect way to share it!


The "Club Premier" special ENDS on May 31!

This incredible deal can SAVE YOU UP TO $139!!!

It renews at the low price too! NEVER pay full price for UNLIMITED creativity and UNLIMITED online photo storage!

CLICK HERE for details.

These GREAT DEALS are NOT available online.

Questions? Need help with a project? Need to place an order?

Just give me a call or email and I look forward to talking with you soon!

- Chris