Monday, October 26, 2009

From Fridge to Published Book

Ellie told me, "Mom, my pictures have stories too."

Then, I looked at the fridge, the walls, the chalkboard - all covered with her art - her stories.

Well, Ellie, you know what we do with photos and stories around here...

"We put them in a book!", she shouted with a smile.

So, we took her favorite pictures and in no time, she was scanning them in on her own.

"Make sure they are 200 dpi!", she remembered.

Scanning Tip: Scan an image at 200 dpi, if you are going to print it in your project at about that same size. If you want to make it larger in your project, scan it at a higher resolution - 300 or 400 dpi - as long as the file size isn't over 10 MB.

Then, we logged in to Heritage Studio and chose a blank 8x8 Storybook to create.

Ellie uploaded her the digital images of her artwork and dragged them to where she wanted them on the page.

Next, she wrote (typed) the wonderful stories that went with each and every picture. Wow! What a wonderful imagination she has!

I am so glad we did this! These wonderful stories would have truly been forgotten - or maybe never even known.

And of course - the her smile at the end with a hardbound book of her art is PRICELESS!

P.S. And I get to see my fridge again! :)

CLICK HERE to view "Ellie's Art Book".

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Take the CHALLENGE - FREE Storybook credit!

The other night, I went out to dinner and a movie and thought, "Wow! It was good but I won't remember this tomorrow. I'm going to eat again. And the movie wasn't that great. Good for a 99-cent rental - maybe. And for the price of it all, I could have published a storybook that I will have FOREVER!"

This challenge is EASY...and FUN!

You will be feeling like ROCKY when you finish - and you will be a CHAMPION to your family and loved ones with the priceless result - a LEGACY!

PLUS, you can get a FREE 8x8 Storybook credit!
Here's the challenge:

For the same price as this...

You can DO THIS...

...or THIS...

...or THIS...

...or THIS...

For the price of dinner out or a movie
, you can create a CUSTOM, hardbound, archival quality, full color, 21-page Storybook - with YOUR photos and stories!

Take the Challenge!

Instead of spending your next 40 bucks on dinner out or a movie...create something that is going to LAST and that will be enjoyed for years to come! Make a difference!

Now through October 30, 2009, you can purchase an 8x8 Storybook for
only $39.95!

This great VALUE includes:

- Heritage Studio Basic Membership

- A Personal Publishing Consultant (me!) to help you every step of the way

- Use of digital art

- Pre-designed templates, if you wish - or create your own design

- Online photo organization, storage and management

- 8x8 Storybook - hardbound, archival quality with Heirloom Assurance

- Access to online Studio classes

- Story writing tips

...and more!

Please CONTACT ME to get your storybook published at that great price! This price is not available online.

Win a FREE 8x8 Storybook credit too!

WHO PURCHASES AN 8X8 STORYBOOK by OCTOBER 30, 2009 will be entered into a drawing for a FREE 8x8 Storybook credit! (Great for copies of your book or to create a new book!)

Be sure to check out the TEMPLATE GALLERY for great ideas and inspiration!

Baby, Vacation, Child, Love, Wedding, Coach, Pre-school, Life, Tribute, Memorial, Family memories and MORE!

Take the challenge and order your 8x8 Storybook credit TODAY!

You are going to be a CHAMP!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

FUN and EASY Swatch Books - For Your Photos & Memories

Not sure what a "Swatch Book" is?

Well, think of the swatch book of fabric, paint colors, wallpaper, etc. An easy way to see all of your favorite colors and patterns, right?

Now imagine that Swatch Book with photos of YOUR favorite people and memories! Very cool!

Swatch Books are a FUN and EASY way to share those favorite photos, recipes, poems and more!

PLUS, they are CHEAP! (High-quality but VERY affordable!)

Swatch book credits start as low as only $11.95 each! Plus, I have LOTS of ways you can get a FREE Swatch Book credit. Just ask!

That means, they make great gifts too!

Check out these NEW pre-designed templates for Swatch Books - just add your own photos and text. (Plus, the design of the template can be edited however you wish!)

OR you can create your own design in Heritage Studio! (Don't have a FREE Heritage Studio account? Click on the "Sign Up for Free" button in the upper right corner of my blog's home page).

Super Swatch Book Ideas:

Family Conversations - Great for around the dinner table, family reunions and more!

CLICK HERE to see preview.

Simply Sweet Brag Book
- Fun way to see and share the favorite people in a child's - or anyone's - life. (I think this would be great to do about a grown-up family member or ancestor too and make copies for kids to easily know about and remember them.)

CLICK HERE to see preview.

Lil' Love Bugs Brag Book - A bright and fun way to brag about your little ones - and make one to send to grandparents too!

CLICK HERE to see preview.

Falling Leaves - A perfect showcase for all of those pumpkin patch photos! This could be a great way to preserve and share your other fall photos - and yummy fall recipes too!

to see preview.

Pretty in Pink - and Blue - A scrappy showcase for favorite photos and memories.

CLICK HERE to see preview.

Spooky Halloween - Whether to share your Halloween pics of this year or from years past - this template is "spooktacular!"

CLICK HERE to see preview.

Want to get started? Let me know! I'm here to help!

Happy Swatch Booking!

- Chris