Tuesday, November 24, 2009

THANKSGIVING SPECIAL: Custom Softbound Books - ONLY $14.95 EACH!

Thanksgiving Special:

5 Softbound/Wirebound book credits for ONLY $79.95 - That's ONLY $14.95 per book!

You can use the credits for ANY softbound/wirebound book project throughout the entire year but get the good savings NOW!

This sale ends MONDAY, November 30.

These books are great for:

- cookbooks

- kids' stories/art

- planners

- calendars

- journals

...and more!

LOTS of pre-designed templates available or design your own.


Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy Thanksgiving,


Monday, November 23, 2009

EASY Thanksgiving Memories

It's the most wonderful time of the year - being surrounded by loved ones, special stories and good memories.

As we gather with family, friends and loved ones this week, here are some fun ways you can make sure that the special moments will never be forgotten!

- Camera is ready, battery charged...now...USE it! :) (Tip: I get busy, so I have my kids be the "photographers" for part of the day, to make sure pictures are being taken and memories are being saved no matter what.) Be sure to take lots of photos of the memories and heritage that are being made and the special people in your life - including you!

- Print off copies of the attached "Story Maps" - My kids LOVE this and it brings priceless conversation and family stories. Kids (and adults alike) can be "reporters" and interview loved ones with the Story Map. Then, they write down the answers. "What was your favorite subject in school?", "What did you dream about becoming when you were a teenager?", "How did you purpose?" and MORE! (The Story Maps are found on the Heritage Studio home page for more themes and ideas. They are free - just download and print.)

- Share stories - The best gifts of the season are the memories. Sharing family and other special stories are a great way to strengthen family and bring generations closer together.

- Tell everyone to bring their favorite Thanksgiving (or any) recipes written down - or email them to you ahead of time - Or just collect them when everyone is together. The idea is to collect and preserve the favorite recipes.


With the photos and recipes from Thanksgiving, you can put together a custom cookbook in minutes!

And now, you have a quick and meaningful Christmas gift for everyone that they are going to LOVE!

There are over 50 pre-designed templates to choose from! Just put in your own photos and recipes and you're DONE!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm LOVIN' These CUSTOM Cards!!

Jill Means, professional graphic designer who has large companies, resorts, and spas as her clientele has just released an incredible line of 24 Christmas and Holiday card templates that are now available in Heritage Studio - with a BASIC membership!

That's right - you don't have to pay Jill 100's of dollars to get her to do a custom design for your Christmas card - she has done it for you...FOR FREE!

I am in LOVE with these designs!

PLUS...Jill has created these designs so that you can change the color and the art and turn your favorite Christmas card into a baby announcement, party invite, thank you note - whatever you want! So easy!


So, you can get Jill's amazing designs and print them for as low as 79 cents a card!

How great is that?!

The Heritage Makers Holiday Hits Sale is HERE!

This is my biggest sale of the season! Let me help you cruise through this month and next knowing you have your gift giving under control -- especially your extra-special Heritage Makers gifts.

This week, CUSTOM CARDS are on sale for as little as 79 cents a card!

Postcard style can be customized on both sides. Greeting Card style can be customized on all fours sides. ALL cards include a felt-weave envelope! Direct shipping is available - Heritage Makers will send your cards for you!

Contact me today to get this amazing deal!

To see this week's special and more designs - CLICK HERE.

Design your own or choose from over 100 stunning templates - just add your own photos and message and your beautiful custom card is DONE!

Order this week and I will design your card for you!

Just email or send me your photos and message - that's it!


phone: 1.801.310.7504


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Every Month - A Memory

I have never been a "calendar lover"...until I started making my own custom calendars in Heritage Studio.

Now that I can add my own images to the months' pages and my own text to the important dates - I am hooked.

That's what a calendar is all about right? Not just the "official" important dates adorned with photographs of nature or comic strips. Every month - every day - is about our LIVES. Our own special people, places and memories and the important dates that are important to us as individuals and as families.

I think that is why these custom calendars are such a huge hit for Christmas and holiday gifts. Because we KNOW that they are going to be USED and we KNOW that they are going to be LOVED.

Hey, and at this "Pick of the Month" price, they are so budget-friendly, I can hardly stand it!

You can get as many calendar credits as you want at these SUPER-LOW PRICES and you do NOT have to make them all the same - or even all for the holidays.

Check out the TEMPLATE GALLERY too - there are some great calendar templates. The design work is done for you (and you can customize the design however you wish!)

Click on image for details and contact me to place your order for calendar credits or anything else you want. I also am happy to answer your questions too. :)