Saturday, February 28, 2009

What is a Workshop?

You may have been to home parties before and you may have been to what was called a "Workshop" before but you have never been to anything like this before.

A Heritage Makers Workshop is a group of your friends and/or family members gathering together to laugh, talk, listen, and share stories. And with those stories, we look at favorite photos and remember that unless we capture the stories behind our favorite photos, those memories - the heritage - will be lost.

That's where the inspiration and begins and it really gets fun!

I will show you and your friends how to pull the boxes of photos from the attic or off of the Memory Cards and easily store them in your own secure, online photo album. Then, I will also show you how you can preserve and share your photos and stories in amazing and long-lasting Heritage Makers products!

It's all done through your own web-based personal publishing system called Heritage Studio - and everyone who attends the Workshop will receive their very own Heritage Studio account right there! I will even show a live demonstration of how everything works, so you can get started right away.

My Workshops are fun and interactive and everyone will learn the valuable skill and solution of heritage making with Heritage Makers.

I also like to include fun drawings and prizes and everyone leaves a WINNER as their family's heritage maker!

Every Workshop also has a "Workshop Special" - in addition to the outstanding sales that I will offer you and your guests.

Contact me to book your Workshop today.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Host Rewards - FREE and DISCOUNTED Products!

As a Workshop host you can get some INCREDIBLE rewards!!!!

Does FREE sound good to you?!

My Workshop hosts receive a booking gift from me, as a special "Thank you!" for booking a Workshop. I always have something new and special each month for my wonderful hosts.

But I am not the only one who wants to say "Thank you!" - Heritage Makers wants to thank you too with HUGE discounts and even FREE publishing and products!

How about a $99.95 canvas print for only $35?!

Or up to $200 in FREE products and publishing PLUS 4 products of your choice for only half price?!

Click HERE to see the great Host Rewards! Click HERE to book your Workshop with me!
As a Workshop host, you are in for a lot of fun and I will even send out the invitations and bring everything needed for a super and successful Heritage Makers Workshop.

You are so LUCKY! March Host Booking Special

The luck o' Heritage Makers is certainly with Workshop Hosts in March!

Anyone who hosts a Heritage Makers Workshop in March and has over $200 in sales at the Workshop will receive a FREE credit for Heritage Makers' latest book - the softbound, spiral bound style - great for cookbooks, gratitude journals, photos and stories and more!

This is IN ADDITION TO $30 in FREE publishing credit!

More sales? MORE free and discounted publishing credit for you, as the host!

Contact me today to book your March Workshop!

(What's a Workshop? See the details below about these fun and rewarding events!)

Bring Heritage to Your Home...With Easy and Fun Heritage Makers Products

The following ideas are submitted by Heidi Arave and other heritage makers. They are all created with Heritage Makers products and a few additional, inexpensive materials:

I have been writing storybooks for over seven years and with every book I publish I am just as excited to get it back as I was with my very first book! With Heritage Makers large product selection I am now hooked on Heritage Makers home decor! That’s right, home decor made just the way I want it and with my favorite stories, pictures, and values!

The 12×12 pages can be used for so many things! Rather than putting posters of famous athletes, movie stars or super heroes on my son’s walls, I created 3 12×12 pages with a photo on each page with a big word below it and a definition. Here are some of the words I chose to teach my son:

TRADITION: Beliefs or customs taught by one generation to the next (and used a picture of my husband, son and 2 little nephews fishing at the family cabin.) HEROES: You don’t raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they’ll turn out to be heroes, even if it’s just in your own eyes. ~Walter M Schirra Sr. (I used a picture of my 12 little nephews and my son.)

HERITAGE: Heritage is a million everyday moments (and used a picture of my husband and son looking at a river)

My son was SO excited when his pages arrived in the mail. He saw the first page and said “Oh, I want that one in my room!” Then he saw the next page and said “Oh, I want that one in my room!” And again when he saw the third one he said the same thing. You would have thought I just bought him a new toy he had always wanted!

Another fun thing you can do with your 12×12 pages is to put a big family picture on it and write a fun quote. I put a photo of my family walking across a bridge with the saying “No road is too long with good company.” I framed it and have it on an easel on my fireplace.

There are just so many great ideas you can use Heritage Makers products for! Something else you can do (thanks Corissa Beck for the idea) is to mod podge a 12×12 page to a 12×12 ceramic tile! WOW, simply beautiful! You can also design a 12×12 page into 4 different 6×6 images and cut them once you receive the page and mod podge them onto 6×6 tiles! These make great gifts!

And it doesn’t stop there! Remember the photo cubes from the 70’s… we’ll they’re back! Make 6 3×3 inch boxes on your 12×12 page (or 8.5×11 page). Cut the squares out and put them into the photo cube.

Great idea: The photos on the cube can match people in the Heritage Makers storybooks in your home. Find the person on the photo cube, then read their story.


I did a variation and made 9 4×4 squares from the 12×12 pages. I painted the edge of the 4×4 tiles with glossy black paint, mod podged on my designed squares, and then put adhesive small felt circles from Home Depot on back to protect the table. They do look fabulous! I also made a set of 6×6 tiles with a picture, a word and a quote. And then another set of 6×6 each with one of the 4 HM ways to get started. Thes are in stands on on my display table. - Brenda H.

I make the 12×12 pages and Mod Podge them to 12×12 canvas boards…then they are not breakable (for kids) they are light and can be hung on the wall,framed or displayed on an easel. Thanks for all of the other ideas. I am crazy about making Heritage! - Lori S.

The Power of a Poster...

I have a beautiful template that is ready for YOUR family photos! Outline a favorite family poem, scripture, mission statement, etc. with your favorite family photos. 12x18 and 18x24 posters available - then just put them in a great frame.

Questions? Want to get started on your own projects? See a template you want? Please contact me!

Happy heritage making!

- Chris

ONLINE Workshops...Fuzzy Slippers Allowed!

Can't attend a Workshop? That's okay!

Just login to one of my free ONLINE Workshops and learn about Heritage Makers, get great ideas for super projects and gift ideas and get lots of templates too - and these templates are NOT available in the template gallery!
This month's theme: Baby Stories and Birthdays

Look at my online calendar called "Mark MY Calendar" in the right column and click on the date and time you can attend. Just enter your information to reserve your space. Hurry! Space is limited and it fills quickly!

You only need a computer with an internet connection to attend!

For audio, if your computer does not have speakers, you just need to call the dial-in phone number to hear the audio portion.
"I LOVED your online Workshop! I got great ideas and super prices too and I didn't have to leave my house! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" - Marcie H.

PLUS...invite people to attend the Online Workshop and YOU get the Host Rewards - up to $200 in FREE publishing and 4 products at half price!

Please contact me if you have any questions or cannot find the link to reserve your space.


- Chris