Monday, September 13, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summertime Memories and Storybooks

There was such a GREAT response to the July Open House and Digi Crop that we just had to have an August one too!

Space is limited, so please contact me to RSVP. call 1.801.310.7504 or email:

Thursday, July 15, 2010

September Digi Crop and Open House Announced!

Space is limited and we had to turn people away at the last Open House/Digi Crop because there were so many there. We had a GREAT time and so many projects were finished!

Please contact me to RSVP - bring guests too! It's a fun and productive way to spend a few hours!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's "Christmas in July"!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Better than a TIE!

Let's face it - Dads are hard to buy for!

Or if you have a dad like mine, you ask him what he wants and he says, "Just to be with my family" or "I have all that I need."

Which is probably true but still...everyone loves a gift. The tricky part is not wasting your money on something that he isn't going to use, even though he SAYS he loves it. Sound familiar?

Well, this Father's Day, get ready to blow Dad away with a gift that he really will LOVE!

I just made this BeAutIfuL 20x20 Canvas (gallery-wrapped!) with 22 pics of my dad with his kids and grandkids.

Woohoo! I finally did something with 22 of my favorite photos! (Gotta love that!)

When it arrives at his door in a few days, he is going to LOVE it because of the pictures and that he can already hang it on his wall or put in an easel (Wow! Stunning! Here is one to show what they look like finished and check out the post below to see more.)

Then...he is going to cry. He doesn't do that often but this is going to be a "teary-eyed" moment.

So, if you have 22 favorite photos that you want so finally do something with AND you want to make someone cry - this is the PERFECT GIFT for you to give!

(Easy too - I used a pre-designed template and just put in my own photos and changed the words. How easy is that?! Took me 15 minutes - I had to find a few pics on my computer, otherwise it would have been even faster!)

Contact me directly to get started. I'm giving discounts right now too! :)

Must be submitted to publish by June 3, to receive in time for Father's Day.

Call 1.801.310.7504 or email me at

We did it! We found something Dad is going to LOVE - for REAL - for Father's Day!

- Chris

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where Are YOUR Favorite Photos?

Why do we take pictures?

To capture memories, special moments and special people...right?

We all have great intentions, but if the pictures just sit in a box or stay on our digital camera or hard drive, are they helping us preserve or remember that moment?

Of course not!

Let's get those pictures out of the albums and off the memory cards and put them on our walls and in our homes where they can be celebrated and remembered time and time again. That's our whole point for taking them in the first place!

Now, you can put your favorite photos on CANVAS! And it's so EASY!

With Heritage Studio you can just put your photos into a pre-designed template or create your own design. Your canvases will be delivered right to your door - already gallery-wrapped, ready to hang on the wall. (They make incredible gifts too!)

Yes! You can have them back in time for Father's Day! (Great for grads, weddings, kids rooms, home decor, family history, photo shoots, vacation photos - anything!)

Don't have time? Email me your pics and I will create your canvas for you!

To help you get your favorite photos on canvas, I am having a CANVAS SALE but it ENDS WEDNESDAY, MAY 27.

You can pre-purchase your canvas to get the great price and you have an entire year to create them, whenever you need.

8x8 Canvas PLUS A free 5X7 custom card - ONLY $25.95

8X20 (or 20x8) Canvas PLUS a free 5x7 custom card - ONLY $55.95

20x20 Canvas (my personal favorite!) PLUS a free 5x7 custom card - ONLY $79.95

Friday, May 21, 2010

Family History 101 - "Who Are They?" Family Photos

Certified Genealogist, Candice Buchanan, shares her years of experience with tips and tools for identifying people in our family photos in a VERY interesting and helpful online class.

Just click the links below to watch the RECORDED online class and to get the great HANDOUT of resources too!

"This just opened up a whole new world for me."

"I can't wait to get started!"

"This is so fun!"

for link to RECORDED class. (NOTE: It starts about 2 minutes after the class begins but you do not miss out on any of the great instruction or information. It lasts about an hour.)

for the helpful HANDOUT of resources that Candice provided.

Candice Buchanan is a Certified Genealogist with over 17 years of experience in doing family and local history research. Over the past 7 years, her emphasis has been on photo identification. In 2003, she started the Greene County Photo Archives Project (amazing!) and loves to help people find and share their family history and photos.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What's Your Story? Let's Find Out!

Expert family historian, Robin Foster-McClure, shares resources, tips and tools to help us begin the exciting and meaningful adventure of discovering our family's stories - our heritage!

Robin makes it EASY and FUN and then I share some ideas of how to PRESERVE and SHARE the information you discover.

Check out the RECORDED ONLINE CLASSES below! They are just an hour and packed with helpful and interesting info that you do not want to miss.


Click on the name of the tool to use:

Pedigree Chart

Family Group Sheet

Biographical Outline

Research Log/Journal

50 Questions for Oral History Interviews

Handout with Overview of "Getting Started" Tools: CLICK HERE

Questions? Fantastic Resource: FamilySearch Forum

Need records? Check this out! CLICK HERE

See Robin's personal family history storybooks: CLICK HERE

Watch the RECORDED online class below.

Thank you for an INCREDIBLE classes, Robin!

: (Please be sure to turn off my blog's music so you can hear the great info.)




If you followed the story of NFL star, Emmitt Smith, trying to trace his family tree or have done your own search (or attempt) you know that African American genealogy has a whole other set of challenges and can often be discouraging or even prevent someone from finding out about who they are and where they come from.

Robin Foster-McClure has come to the rescue!


Friday, April 30, 2010

Family History - Made Easy and FUN!

Did you know that studies show that children who know their family history, cope better emotionally and have a much better sense of identity?

Do you know who your ancestors are?

Do you know their stories?

Did you know that family history is the stories of the past and the little things that we do every day?

Did you know that family history is NOT boring?

Did you know that you can start or build your family history in less than an hour?

Find out more in these incredible and FREE Family History classes. They are ONLINE and each one is just an hour!

Just click on the link for the one you want to login to or attend as many as you wish. Spread the word because EVERYONE is invited!

Thursday, May 6 - African American Genealogy

Robin Foster McClure has years of experience and is even known throughout many states for her work and the trails she has blazed with resources that are available specifically for tracing African American genealogy, which is often very challenging to do. Robin will share tools, resources and ideas for making this search much easier and more productive.

11 AM Pacific, 12 Noon Mountain, 1 PM Central, 2 PM Eastern

Please click the link to register for this FREE online class (1 hour):

Thursday, May 13 - Getting Started On Tracing Your Family History

You want to know more about your family history - your heritage - but where do you begin? Have your pen and paper ready because, expert in the field, Robin Foster McClure, will share the essential "how to" steps to get started, as well as helpful resources and websites to help you get started on this exciting adventure.

11 AM Pacific, 12 Noon Mountain, 1 PM Central, 2 PM Eastern

Please click the link to register for this FREE online class (1 hour):

Thursday, May 20 - Who Are the People in the Photos?

You know you have those stray photos - we all do - with one or even a group of people that we know are family but we don't know who they are?
Candice Buchanan is coming to the rescue! Candice has had wonderful training and successful results with finding out who people are in family photos - and the family isn't even her own. She has successfully solved many photos mysteries and in this online class, she shares her "how to" tips with you.

11 AM Pacific, 12 Noon Mountain, 1 PM Central, 2 PM Eastern

Please click the link to register for this FREE online class (1 hour):

Thursday, May 27 - Everyday Heritage

So, you have the names and the dates of what? What can you do with those that will make a difference TODAY? Or maybe you don't know a lot about your ancestors. That's okay! The heritage of the future is what we do everyday - today! As the Co-Founder of Heritage Makers and YOUR personal consultant, I will share lots of ideas and inspiration too that will help you discover, preserve and celebrate the things you do today - the heritage of tomorrow.

11 AM Pacific, 12 Noon Mountain, 1 PM Central, 2 PM Eastern

Please click the link to register for this FREE online class (1 hour):

Don't Just Take My Word For It...

Family history is fun? Family history is important? YES! But don't just take my word for it! Check this out!


EVERY online class above will also show how you can preserve and share your photos and stories with Heritage Makers and a live Studio demo.

"I love this! The system is very easy to use and I am creating projects that mean something."

- Dana P.

PLUS...everyone who attends at least one online class (you can attend all of them if you wish), will be entered into a drawing for a FREE 8x8 Storybook credit. The drawing will be held at the end of May. (A $50 value!)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Leaving a Legacy - Eyes to See

Robin Foster-McClure is an amazing woman, whom I have the privilege to work with as a consultant on my team and she is a dear friend. Robin works in a Family History Center and is dedicated to helping families discover connections and bridge generations together. About Heritage Makers, Robin says, "Heritage Makers has changed my life and that of my family."

To talk with Robin, share in her positive attitude and "never give up" spirit and to see her beautiful designs and pages, you would never know that she is legally blind. I still have to remind myself. And then, when I do, her story and her projects inspire me even more.

Robin, THANK YOU for sharing your latest storybook - your life's testimony to your posterity.

Here is Robin's story and a preview of her Storybook:

Eyes to See

The legacy I want to leave my posterity is the ability to endure and overcome obstacles using eyes that really can see. They will know that I am not speaking of seeing physically, but seeing whatever picture they paint on the canvas of life with their mind's eye....and holding fast to it. The struggle is not outward but inward.

There are so many reasons for people in the world to let challenges get them off the path. We have so much in the world of natural disaster and suffering which result from the actions of others. I think now is the time to remind ourselves that we still live in a time where we can choose whether or not we will be defeated or whether we will pull up our boot straps and trudge forward.

The first step to overcoming obstacles comes in how we choose to react to them. We can allow our vision to be clouded by becoming angry, hurt, or offended---or we can exercise our freedom to choose the good consequences of not becoming distracted or swept away by the winds of adversity. We will then find avenues to creatively adapt to situations we would otherwise deem hopeless.

My book is about seeing past the distractions and holding fast to the clear mental picture we have which may not yet be physically manifest in our lives. When all about us the walls are crumbling, we can look forward with faith. All we need are eyes to see, and remember.

I am so happy to be able to have put in a book, what I think is the greatest challenge of not let go of those things we have seen.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

From Computer to CANVAS

I used to have bare, boring, ugly walls. Sure, I added the HGTV-recommended "paint on the walls" but still...bare and boring.

I spent years (yes, years), looking for the perfect piece of art to invest in - or at least something that I could put on the wall that I would love day after day.

The walls stayed bare.

But NOW, my walls have made my house a home and I LOVE the artwork!

I use Heritage Studio to make CUSTOM CANVAS PRINTS (gallery-wrapped) with my favorite photos! (I love to give them as gifts too!)

Every room has a beautiful canvas print - or two or three - that celebrate what matters most - FAMILY!
Thinking..."Too hard to make!" or "Can't afford it?"
Think AGAIN!

Check out this quick clip about how EASY and AFFORDABLE custom canvas prints are with Heritage Studio:


Ready to get started? Contact me and I'll give you a super discount too!
- Chris

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No More Generic Valentines!

CELEBRATE the people you LOVE!

It's a special day to say I LOVE YOU or THANK YOU to those in your life who make it what it is - even more meaningful.

They deserve more than a message on a candy heart or a wilting bunch of flowers.

This year, give them a PERSONALIZED Valentine that they will treasure FOREVER!

Check out these MEANINGFUL and CREATIVE ways to say "I Love You" or "Happy Valentine's Day" for ALL AGES and GUYS and LADIES too!

PLUS, pre-designed templates make it SO EASY!!! Just drop in your photos! (No kidding!)

NOTE: Click the headings below to see a preview of the layout.

Love Letters in a Storybook
- This is a GREAT way to preserve and remember your special love letters and special pictures to go with them.

Loving You...

Loving YOU

Favorite photos in a VIP Valentine book:

"Love of Mine"
(7x5 Hardbound Storybook)

Love of Mine Basic Template 7x5 book

"Top 10 Things I Love About You"
(7x5 Hardbound Storybook)

10 Things I Love About You Valentine

"He Said She Said - A Love Story" (8x8 Hardbound Storybook)

He Said, She Said: A Love Story

"I Heart U" (7x5 Hardbound Storybook) - Can be for boy or girl ("My Special Girl")

I Heart U

Books are great to give to kids too!

VALENTINE SPECIAL: 7x5 Hardbound Storybook credit PLUS a custom greeting card for ONLY $32.95!
(Ends Saturday, January 30, 2010)

Contact me to order this. Order as many as you wish!


Your kids will LOVE passing out these custom Valentines to their friends!

(click images below to enlarge for detail)

Matchbook Valentines - Personalized message and photo around a treat.

Uses 8.5x11 Scrapbook Page

Matchbook Valentines 8.5x11.5

Valentine Bookmarks - Personalized and Useful too! (My daughter's favorite!)

Uses 5x7 Greeting Card

Valentine Bookmarks

Custom Playing Cards for Personalized Valentines - Half of the deck is designed to be from a boy and the other half is designed to be from a girl. Can customize however you wish!

Uses Deck of Playing Cards

Half and Half Kids Valentine Pack


Uses deck of Playing Cards

A custom deck of playing cards that bring love to life!

A fun gift idea!

Love Match

CUSTOM 5x7 Greeting CARDS


True Love Valentine Card

Scalloped Valentine Card

Be my Valentine

All Valentine orders must be submitted to publish BEFORE Feb.1 to be received in time for Valentine's Day. You still have time and I am here to help!

ALL of these creative and custom Valentines can be created right on YOUR computer in your own Heritage Makers account!

Don't have an account? Not sure where to start? Want to place an order for DISCOUNTED publishing credits? CONTACT ME!

Happy Valentine's Day!

- C